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I'm trying my best to not fall apart.

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when you watch a movie that is all about gay acceptance, with a splash of biphobia.


this looks fu-

sweet pissing jesus

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Today in Solidarity: Family of Mike Brown join protesters outside of STL Courthouse, demanding the immediate arrest of their son’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson.

The grand jury has yet to charge Darren Wilson with anything. Mike Brown’s killer is still a free man, being paid by the taxpayers of the very community he’s terrorized. #staywoke #farfromover

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21 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Depressed



I get asks occasionally related to the Depression Guide I wrote to help you guys write more realistic characters, and I wanted to say from personal experience that this Buzzfeed article really resonates. I normally disagree with points on their lists, but for this one, everything is completely correct to the point where I wonder if there’s a mini reporter in my head relaying that information to their writers. It’s actually kind of creepy.

Anyway, helping you guys makes me happy, so hopefully this is helpful.



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I’ve seen a few people doing these and with all the Pokemon cards I’ve got laying around I just had to try it…plus I wanted an excuse to bust out the acrylics. I think I’m addicted.

If anyone wants to buy them they’re up for grabs on my brand new Etsy shop!

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City Council meeting on Tuesday night in Ferguson. Part 2.

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It is Clara!

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